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Q-Series - The New Troubleshooter

Q-Series - The New Troubleshooter more ...

Outstanding SOL Castable Reference at Solnhofer, Germany

Outstanding SOL Castable Reference at Solnhofer, Germany more ...

Source: World Cement Magazine from December 2014

Also available at International Cement Review

RHI Training Center Cement

Learn practice-orientated the correct installation of refractories

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Solutions for the cement industry

We offer our partners in the cement industry highest-quality ceramic refractory products and outstanding services.

We are:
The world market and technology leader.

Worldwide – on site.

To not only meet cement manufacturers’ expectations regarding an increase in productivity and consequently profitability, but to exceed them.

The development of durable and reliable refractory materials whose functionality cannot be topped, including continuous improvements in order to meet all requirements of the constantly evolving processes of modern cement production.

Exemplary refractories solutions by RHI:
The unique nature of our refractories solutions is reflected in a large number of patents including the active spinel technology for basic bricks for rotary kilns and the IS impregnation technology for fireclay and alumina products. With these pioneering developments RHI reacts to the critical conditions in kiln operation resulting from an increased use of alternative fuels. This is an important contribution by RHI to guarantee the availability and productivity of modern cement kilns.

Globally leading brands:
Including ANKRAL, REXAL, RESISTAL, MAXIAL, COMPRIT and DIDURIT, which are established in the market as state of the art.