Solutions for the lime industry

We are positioned as a globally operating full-range supplier to the lime industry.

We are:
The world market and technology leader for refractory products for lime kilns.

Worldwide – on site.

A sustainable increase in the productivity and profitability of our customers.

The development and realization of unique, comprehensive and market and process-oriented package solutions for the lime industry.

From consulting to engineering, from the delivery of materials to complete assembly, from professional project management through monitoring by supervisors, compliance with top quality and environmental standards to our own service engineers who operate worldwide.

Exemplary refractories solutions by RHI:
The supporting arch systems for Maerz kilns, Cimprogetti kilns, annular shaft kilns and multi-chamber shaft kilns, which were developed in close cooperation with our research and development department and our customers, impress with their high level of dimensional accuracy and stability and are resistant to extreme thermal and mechanical stress, thus contributing to increasing the service life of the entire lining, enhancing operational safety and improving the plants’ efficiency.

Globally leading brands: